How to brighten up your smile naturally - Emily Skye

How to brighten up your smile naturally

How to brighten up your smile naturally

Smiles are infectious, and what a lovely thing to catch! Yet being confident in your smile can make the world of difference to how you feel. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is not only important because it helps us feel confident and look our best, it is also the first stage in digestion and having healthy teeth can mean the difference between enjoying or dreading each meal!

Here are some tips to help keep your smile bright and dazzling, without having to reach for the bleaches or veneers…

Dental Hygiene

It may be something that was drilled into you at school, but it is surprising how many people don't bother to brush their teeth twice a day, let alone floss. So here is a refresh in case you need reminding:

  • Brush twice a day - Food builds up in between your teeth and feeds bad bacteria which cause decay. By brushing your teeth twice a day you can prevent decay and help keep your teeth looking white and bright.
  • Floss - This is a really important part of dental hygiene. If you don’t floss regularly you might notice that when you do your gums bleed or the floss ends up smelling disgusting! This is because flossing removes that stubborn food that brushing can't reach. If left alone it sits in your mouth and rots! Giving you bad breath and promoting tooth decay.
  • Don’t brush too hard - Technique actually matters when it comes to brushing your teeth. Brushing in gentle circular motions will help protect your gums and your teeth enamel. Because once your enamel is gone, or your gums start to recede, they don't come back!
  • Scrape/brush your tongue - Your tongue actually holds the majority of the bad bacteria found in your mouth, so by scraping or brushing your tongue whenever you brush your teeth, you help keep the bad bacteria in check. This will help protect your teeth as well as prevent bad breath!


Your diet plays an important role in the health and appearance of your smile. It is not just about what is best to avoid, it is also about getting enough of the right kind of nutrients.

  • Be aware that some foods stain - Some foods stain much more than others, such as red wine, beetroot, coffee, and any foods with artificial colouring. For this reason, it is important to brush regularly and if possible, after you have enjoyed something you know will stain your teeth. The whiter you keep them naturally, the less likely you will need to look into whitening solutions.
  • Some foods feed bad bacteria - Foods rich in sugars (including fruits and fruit juices) allow bad bacteria to flourish. So, try to avoid overindulging in sugary foods and if/ when you do, it is a good idea to brush your teeth afterward.
  • Get the right nutrients - Your teeth need the right nutrients to stay healthy and bright. Different nutrients provide different benefits. From enamel remineralization to epithelial cell turnover, there is a lot that needs caring for. Here are the main nutrients you need in your diet to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile dazzling and bright:
    • Calcium
    • Vitamin D
    • Protein
    • Phosphorus
    • Zinc
    • Iron
    • Folate
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin A
    • Omega 3s
    • Vitamin B’s

Don’t worry if that seems like a lot to keep stock of. As long as you enjoy a healthy and balanced diet that includes a variety of different fresh vegetables, as well as some regular sunshine, then you should be getting all the nutrients you need.

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