Get the body you've always wanted with F.I.T. - Emily Skye

Get the body you've always wanted with F.I.T.

Get the body you've always wanted with F.I.T.

If you’ve been following me on social media, you may have seen I’ve just launched my latest Emily Skye F.I.T. program. This is something I’ve been working on for a while and I’m so excited to finally bring it to you. My passion and drive is to create a community of women who suppoort each other in their health and fitness journey. After seeing so many girls have great success on my shred programs I knew I needed something that would take you to whole new level of training. And that’s exactly how my Emily Skye F.I.T. program was born. I didn't want to deliver any standard weight loss product to my community. I wanted to create a program that will not only transform your body but your mind too, which is exactly what F.I.T is about. 

This program is everything I have learnt to get in the best possible shape possible. Over the years I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours working out what it takes to develop those toned and shapely abs, booty, thighs and arms - along with ‘shredding’ my entire body at the same time. I have written down and recorded every workout I have ever done. I have noted down all the recipes that work best and taste delicious too.  My new F.I.T. program is a collection of those notes and everything I do when I want to see real results and take my training to a new level. Best thing is this entire program has been designed with the needs of woman in mind. Why? Because as a women who has been there and done that I know everything it takes to get the body you want and overcome all those obstacles along the way.

How the new F.I.T program works?
My Emily Skye F.I.T. (Focused, Intense, Toning) Training is not just any weight loss product. This training method combines the very best in fitness, fat loss & toning. It’s effective because it provides an extensive variety of different workouts and exercises at different intensity levels, rep speeds and difficulty - all centered around targeting each different problem area (upper body, lower body, abs/core and HIIT circuits for aerobic fitness) – that challenge your muscles to adapt, so you tone up fast while at the same time raising you’re natural metabolism and burning fat for hours after your workout. It's all about working smarter not harder at the gym. 

The program has actually been designed in three phases. Phase 1 is a total body focus and Phase 2 (which has just been released) has a focus on your  butt and thighs.  For phase 3 (stay tuned for launch) I will focus on your tummy and everything you need to get those abs. All phases will be building on the previous and ultimately turning your body into a fat burning machine.

Getting the right support
One of the key reasons girls have had such awesome results on my shred programs is that I have created an amazing community of women who are all supporting each other towards their health and fitness goals. Well that same community is available on my new F.I.T. program too. We are all in this together, so there is no point trying to do it alone. I truly believe that surrounding yourself with a positive like-minded community will help you in achieving your goals. It honestly brings me to tears sometimes when I get to see how supportive and amazing this community of beautiful women are, all supporting each other reacher their goals with positive kind words every day.

F.I.T. food
Want to know another little secret of mine to getting the body you want? Find food you actually enjoy. That is healthy alternatives to all your favourite unhealthy foods. You won’t find boring, tasteless recipes in these programs. Just check out this awesome chocolate brownie recipe as a sample of what you will get in my F.I.T. programs. I wanted to create food that was “cheating” without actually cheating. That way you don’t get left feeling hungry or deprived from delicious foods. I’ve created healthy versions of some of your favourite treats including, chocolate pudding, muffins, pancakes and bliss balls. Feedback from my F.I.T. community so far, is that the food is the best part.

Get the right mindset
I don’t just want my programs to be a standard weight loss product or health and fitness program. I want to help support as many of you get what you want from life. That’s why I have also done mindset lessons, that will give you tools you can use for the rest of your life. These mindset lessons cover everything from how to kick cravings to the curb, how to stay motivated, how to deal with stress and even how to appreciate your failures and mistakes. Having the right mindset is so crucial to not only getting that body you want but how to live a happy and healthy life.

I really am so passionate about my new F.I.T. program and trying to help as many woman as I can. Why? Because I’ve been there before and I know the hard work and dedication it takes to get there. This is what drives me, waking up every day knowing I can help others achieve the life of their dreams.

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