Reduce signs of ageing with these amazing foods - Emily Skye

Reduce signs of ageing with these amazing foods

Reduce signs of ageing with these amazing foods

Women spend so much money on all sorts of lotions and potions to stop the ageing process. Some even go as far as plastic surgery just to look a little younger. Ageing is a part of life but it’s something that is best looked after by what we feed our bodies and not what we put on it. There are so many foods that not only help to reduce the signs of ageing on your skin, but also keep you younger by reducing inflammation, strengthen your immune system, improve circulation and improve major organ function, including your brain. Best thing is all these yummy foods don’t cost a fortune and can be easily found at your local supermarket. So if you want look a little younger, feel great  and slow down the ageing process start including some of these yummy foods in your diet today.

1. Berries
Okay so I know berries aren’t exactly the cheapest foods out there but they definitely cost a lot a less then some of the expensive skin lotions I’ve seen on the market, and they taste delicious. Berries are rich in compounds known as anthocyanin, which are anti-oxidants that have been shown to have many health benefits including improved brain function and fight against free radicals. Blueberries in particular contain more anti-oxidants then most foods out there, so eat up. Add them into your smoothies, morning oats or just eat them fresh or frozen for a healthy sweet treat.

2. Sweet potato
Sweet potato is a vegetable that is one of the highest in antioxidants. They have high levels of vitamins A and C, both amazing vitamins for your health. In particular the contain Caretonoids which is a form of vitamin A that helps prevents the break down of collagen, minimizing wrinkles. You have to love that, when they taste so amazing too. My favourite way to eat sweet potato is turning them into oven-baked fries and then serving with a generous serving of homemade guacamole. The avocados in the guacamole are another powerhouse of nutrients to help fight the ageing process.

3. Pomegranates
This fruit is full of vitamin C, a key vitamin for your immune system and helps protect against sun damaging wrinkles. However it’s not just vitamin C that makes this delicious fruit so effective to fight ageing of the skin. It also contains ellagic acid, which is a compound that helps protect the skin against free radical damage. Pomegranate seeds taste absolutely amazing sprinkled through salads or on top of your chia seed puddings.

4. Dark leafy greens
Foods like spinach and kale contain phytonutrients, which are powerhouses at fighting off free radical damage to the skin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and even enlarged pores. They also contain essential things like chlorophyll, which helps the body eliminate toxins, protecting your vital organs and slowing the ageing process down. You seriously can’t eat enough dark leafy greens as they are super low in calories too. Fill your plate up with as much as you can for your salads or even include as a side dish. Sometimes I’ll eat a big bowl with a squeeze of fresh lemon before dinner to help fill me up and give my body a good dose of nutrients. Also don’t be scared to add them to your smoothies for a perfect green drink.

5. Green Tea
Ever wondered why Japanese women don’t age? Well among other things they drink a lot of green tea. The eastern part of the world has used green tea for centuries because of its amazing health benefits. This nutrient dense tea contains high levels of oligomeric proanthocyanidins, which is one of the most powerful anti-oxidants out there to help the body fight against free radical damage, ultimately slowing down the ageing process. So drink on up.

6. Olive Oil
Good fats, in particular olive oil is great for warding of the ageing process. In fact olive oil has been used by many cultures for all it’s amazing health benefits, including slowing down the ageing process. Olive oil when digested can help lower LDL cholesterol levels, which makes it a great choice for cooking. It is optimal in it’s raw form so use it for your salad dressings too. Olive oil is also high in Vitamin E, which makes it a great option to use on the skin as a moisturiser and help fight free radical damage.

Ageing is one of those things that we just can’t avoid, but we sure can eat lots of delicious healthy food to slow the process down. Do you guys have any foods you like to use?

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