Feta and Chilli Zucchini Spaghetti - Emily Skye

Feta and Chilli Zucchini Spaghetti

Feta and Chilli Zucchini Spaghetti

I love Italian food and when I found out I couldn’t eat Gluten I thought this would be the end of me ever eating pasta. That is, until I discovered zucchini pasta. Zuchinni pasta is made from shredded zucchini, so it’s perfect for those of us who can’t tolerate gluten or want a healthier low calorie alternative to carb heavy spaghetti pasta. It also tastes delicious, is low in carbs and so easy to make. Here is one of my favourite recipes straight out of my F.I.T. phase 2 program. This makes a great lunch or dinner meal and can even fool fussy eaters. The avocado gives the pasta a rich creamy texture whilst providing you with a healthy dose of fats. Hope you guys enjoy.



1 large zucchini, cut using a spiral slicer
30g (1.1 oz.) of feta cheese
2 handfuls of baby spinach leaves
1 tbsp. of pine nuts, toasted
6 sun-dried tomatoes, drained of oil, sliced
2 tsp. of extra virgin olive oil
Sprinkle of chilli flakes
1/2 avocado
Handful of fresh basil
1/2 clove of garlic

1. Place the avocado, oil, basil and garlic in a food processor, wiz until combined.
2. Coat the zucchini and baby spinach in the avocado mix.
3. Add the remaining ingredients and serve with a squeeze of lemon juice and cracked black pepper.

NOTES: You can cook the zucchini if you wish. Just 1 minute in boiling water then remove and drain or lightly sauté in a fry pan for a couple of minutes.

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