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7 ways to make your workouts more fun

7 ways to make your workouts more fun

Do you sometimes just feel stuck or unmotivated in your fitness routine? I can definitely go through phases where I just simply get bored and need something new. In all my years of training I’ve found the trick to staying motivated long term, is to find different ways to make your workouts fun and exciting. At the end of the day if you feel like your fitness routine is a chore, then it will be something that you give up easily when you get bored or things get tough. If you need some new motivation or need to change things up, here are some of my tips on how to bring some fun into your workouts or fitness routine. 

1. Find music that get’s you pumped
I don’t know about you but when I have a super-pumping track in my headphones I get so much energy. A good playlist just gets me in the zone and gives me that little push I need to work a little harder. Now everyone’s music tastes are different so find something that you know will work for you, put together a good workout playlist, add to your phone, i-pod or whatever it is that you use and crank it up. If no ones watching have a little dance whilst you are it - it’s great cardio.

2. Get a gym buddy
Having a gym buddy can definitely provide you with some extra motivation. You are far less likely to miss a workout when you have someone else who is expecting you to show up. Just be careful though that it doesn’t turn into a gossip/catch up session where nothing get’s done (I’ve been guilty of that too). If you do want to do something social, rather than going for a brunch or coffee catch up with your friends go for a big beach walk instead. That way you are still getting active and having some fun whilst you are at it. If none of your friends want to workout, find a workmate or join a sports club.

3. Join a sports team or start a new hobby
There are so many different things you can do that will get the heart rate up. Don’t just think of running, bike or cross trainer for your cardio. I have lots of friends that do all sorts of different things from playing in a social sports team, or having healthy hobbies like surfing, skiing, snowboarding or even dancing. All of these are great cardio workouts that are so much fun to do. When it's something you enjoy then it won't ever be a chore. Also don’t be scared to try something new as who knows what you might end up loving.

4. Get a little competitive
A little competition never hurts anyone whether it’s with yourself or your workout buddy. Though always keep it light hearted and fun.  I personally like to see how in each workout I can go just that little bit harder or stronger from previous workouts. There is no better feeling when you smash a personal best, so make sure you congratulate yourself each time you improve.

5. Become a kid
Kids burn so much more energy than adults because they are constantly moving, running around and having fun. Don’t just think of cardio as running on a treadmill or spending hours on the cross trainer. There are so many fun things that will get the heart rate up and you burning calories. So take on the mind of a child and go play. Go rock climbing, jump on a trampoline, swim in the ocean, go rollerblading or pick up a ball to kick around with some friends. Your options really are endless. 

6. Mix it up
One of the biggest causes I see for people getting de-motivated is they get bored by doing the same thing over and over again. So make sure you are mixing up your workouts and trying new things. I am constantly changing my workout routine so I don’t hit a boredom slump. I alternate different cardio routines, along with my weights sessions and also like to add in other fun activities like beach/nature walks or swims in the ocean. Maybe even try something new like a kick boxing class or Zumba (if you are brave enough).

7. Celebrate the small wins and reward yourself
It is so important to celebrate and reward yourself when you get better and stronger at things. Even if it’s something small always make sure you at least congratulate yourself. So what if you have only added another .5kg to your weights, it’s still an improvement from where you were before. Don’t forget to give yourself some rewards too for when you reach a goal. Sometimes knowing you can reward yourself with those sexy new gym shoes, or a massage will give you that extra little push needed to get there. I certainly know I work a little harder when it means I have cute new gym outfit at the end.

Being fit and healthy should never be a chore. It should be something you love because you have fun and it makes you feel great. I won’t lie, if you have big goals then you do need to work hard, but you may as well have some fun whilst you are at it. What’s some of your favourite ways to add some fun into your workouts? I would love to hear them in the comments below. 

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