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F.I.T. Transformations

F.I.T. Transformations

I have absolutely loved the last month after launching my new F.I.T. program and seeing some amazing transformations take place. It really just makes me smile from ear to ear when I know that this program is helping girls not only look great, but feel good about themselves too.

Meet Jami, who had some awesome results just a couple of weeks in to my F.I.T. Phase 1 plan. On the right is her progress picture in just the first couple of weeks and then on the left is her final result at the end of the plan. What I love about Jami’s story is not only has she made healthy changes for herself but for her family too. Being a single mother of 4 she is the best example of how anyone can make a healthy positive change in their life.

Words from Jami just two weeks in:
"First I would like to say I am a single mother to 4 children. I stumbled across Emily's program after deciding to take out all processed and refined foods from my families diet. I began going to the gym in late January on my own but just was not seeing the results I was looking for. I started the F.I.T. program on March 9th 2015 weighing in at 158.6 lbs. Day 1 Measurements - Arms 11 1/2" Bust 38" Waist 32" Hips 37" Legs 21". On Day 15 I weighed in at 148.2 lbs My Measurements - Arms 11" Bust 37" Waist 30" Hips 36" Legs 20". Total weight loss in two weeks was 10 lbs and 6 inches lost. I am forever grateful for finding Emily's program. The lessons I've learned will be with me for life. Thanks to Emily I am on my way to being fit, health, happy, and having a rocking body!"

After finishing F.I.T phase 1 Jami says:
"I'm just so happy I took the leap and bought Emily's program, it has forever changed my outlook on food and my body! Hello Abs : )"

Jami you truly are an inspiration and I just love having you part of the F.I.T. community.  Keep up the awesome work.

Emily xox

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