My 9 gym bag essentials - Emily Skye

My 9 gym bag essentials

My 9 gym bag essentials

A girls gym bag can become much like a girls handbag. You end up carrying your entire wadrobe and bathroom sink all in one, which after a heavy weights session is absolutely no fun at all. It can be hard to find the right balance of what you need and what's extra weight to carry around. I’ve been going to the gym for quite a few years now and over that time I’ve learnt what I can survive without and also what I must always have on me. So here it is: you get the all exclusive sneak peak into my gym bag and the 9 gym bag items I couldn’t live without.

1. All natural cleansing wipes
This would have to be my number one gym bag must have. I use cleansing wipes to remove makeup before my workout, and then to cleanse my face and remove sweat after my workout. They are also great for removing eye makeup too. So rather than carrying multiple bottles of skin care I will just use these instead. I like to go for the all natural cleansing wipes, that don't containt any nasty chemicals. 

2. A good BPA free waterbottle
It’s so important to stay hydrated whilst working out, as you need to replace all the essential minerals you lose through sweat. By the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.  Throughout my workout I like to just consistently sip on small amounts of water. You don’t want to drink too much in the one go, but then you don’t want to under do it either. I always have BPA free plastic bottles in my bag and then just refill at the gym. Friendly for the environment and you don’t get the nasty chemicals that leach into your water from the disposable plastic water bottles.

3. A good moisturising lip balm
With all the huffing and puffing I do, my lips can get a little dry. That’s why I like to have a good moisturizing lip balm with me. I will put it on before my workout and straight after to prevent any dryness. 

4. Healthy Snacks
I really don’t like getting caught out hungry and to keep my metabolism going I also like to eat ALL THE TIME. So in my gym bag I always carry around some healthy snacks. That way if I finish my workout and I’m super hungry I’ve got something healthy on hand. If you are stuck for healthy snack ideas check out my blog post here. I also always like to have one serve of protein powder on hand for post workout recovery.

5. Concealer
Saying I’m a little red faced after my workout is a bit of an understatement. That’s why no matter what I’ll always have a concealer in my gym bag. This helps to cover up any redness if I need to leave in a hurry and I don’t want to walk outside looking like a tomato. I always go for an all natural organic concealer that doesn’t have any chemicals in it. That way I know I’m putting good quality ingredients on my skin.

6. Dry Shampoo
Now I don’t always have time to wash and dry my hair after a workout and that’s why I love dry shampoo. Seriously when I first came across this product it was a lifesaver. After your workout you just simply spray the dry shampoo in the roots of your hair, brush it out and then voila you have fresh as anything hair.

7. Good quality headphones
I love working out to music. I just get the extra push I need when a really pumping track is on. Though nothing is worse than headphones that either fall out or are uncomfortable. I like to to go for the headphones that are like a headband so they stay on easily, plus give me an awesome sound qaulity. 

8. Lifting gloves
I’m sure you all know how much I love lifting weights and when I’m going for the heavy ones I will always lift with gloves. That’s because not only do they protect my hands but they also give me a better grip on the bars. Plus no one like dry callouses from lifting too much.

9. Gym towel 
I know this one sounds a little obvious but I'm always surprised at how many people I see at the gym without a gym towel. It doesn't need to be a large beach towel, but just a small hand towel that is perfect for wiping equipment down before and after you use it. As let's face it, noone like sharing other people's sweat.

What are your essential gym bag items you just can't live without? Let me know in the comment sections down below. 

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